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Pony Pals Pony Goodness, Fun & Friendship October 6th , 2017 Friday


Pony Pals

Pony Goodness, Fun & Friendship

April 27th, 2017


A fun novice program for beginner riders ages 5yrs to 10 yrs. Ideal for children who know little or nothing about ponies or a nervous rider. Riders are well supervised and receive instruction from a Professional Riding Instructor.

At our Boutique Riding Premises, we offer a beautiful quiet country environment. Our ponies, saddlery, and property are to the highest standards.

We love teaching small groups of children, so they gain the utmost knowledge and experience in the short time they are with us.

Your child will learn the importance of


  • Pony & Saddlery Care
  • Handling the pony from the ground (a good relationship on the ground is crucial)
  • Sitting correctly to achieve a balanced position
  • Important first aids to Halt, Walk, Trot

Most children will be able to 'Rise to the trot' within their first or second day.


Once the basics are established, the students will play games, learn basic pole work, go for a farm ride, etc. To practice the objectives taught in their lessons, and that develop confidence and skills.

Our focus is on achieving a Balanced Thinking Rider while developing empathy, respect, gratitude and love towards ponies. We take care in encouraging but not over facing your child, to set the children in good stead for further riding experiences.

Safety and fun is our highest priority for the children and our ponies.

The children will also take part in fun and instructional barn games, crafts and activities if time allows.


Half day 9am - 1pm $80 per day

For Boys and Girls ages 5-10 years

Limited to 10 children

Please note we require a minimum of five children booked in to go ahead.  If we don't get enough children we will either refund in full at your request, transer to Private Riding Lessons or a Pony Treat at your request.


Posts on our Facebook Page after last April's Pony Pals



Oh, thank you so much, it was wonderful for our city girl to be able to enjoy some time on the farm and with the ponies, she thoroughly enjoyed every minute!


Rebekah Graham April, 29, 2016



Thank you all, Zahra hasn't stopped talking about everything she learned about caring for & riding the ponies


Clarrissa Arnold, April 29th, 2016



The Pony Pals Holiday Programme was amazing!!! Carlie Jean absolutely adored it and learn't loads all while having the best Pony experience of her little life... Thank you very much for having us!!!

Victoria Rodger, April 28th, 2016




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