Children's Pony Parties, Pony Rides, Pony Play Group
& Horse Riding Tuition

Creating childhood memories


Tailored for Pre-school Beginners our fun Lead Rein Classes are an introduction to pony riding and pony care. As always our focus is on achieving a Balanced Thinking Rider, while developing empathy, respect, gratitude and a love towards ponies. We take care in encouraging but not over-facing your child. Developing a correct position while enjoying time with the ponies is our aim.


This five-week class is for the child who requires more tuition than Pony Play Group offers. The hour-long classes give your child half hour group riding instruction plus an introduction to grooming and pony care. Learning the basics of good equitation means you invest in developing correct skills from the start. Our ponies are great teachers and friends.

As we specialise in teaching children 3 years - 10 years

we have the right size

  • experienced ponies that help build confidence
  • children's saddles that help to establish a good position
  • safety stirrups and helmets


Weekly on Wednesdays and Fortnightly on Tuesday


Wednesdays First Group

October 12th, 19th, 26th
November 2nd & 5th

Fortnights Tuesday (alternate week to Pony Play Group)

October 18th
November 1st, 15th, 29th
December 13th

TIME 10am - 11am

Only four riders to a class

Professional Riding Instruction

To start the next stage of your child's riding journey

Book Now $200 for five classes. Deposit Payment secures your position and balance is required for the five lessons on the first day of class

Please note you are required to lead your child on the pony.


As a Mother who had a 'Horse Mad' Preschool Child, I understand how important it is to have the right ponies, environment, and Instructor when introducing your child to ponies. Our lessons are based on how I taught our son to ride from the age of four years. Children can learn the correct way from the start. It is amazing how well a balanced five-year-old can ride, they can even perform half halts and have a lovely relationship and good control with a safe pony. Our son was off the lead at five safely going to Pony Club and events.

Our classes are also perfect for Parents and Caregivers who

  • would like an introduction before committing to Term Lessons
  •  who would like an opportunity to rekindle and connect with ponies while mastering horse handling skills
  • would like a fun, active family experience
  • would like to learn together with your child prior to purchasing a pony


Teaching Pre-school children to ride is my bliss! It is a great feeling knowing we are offering children every opportunity to get the right start.


We also offer Private Lessons and Pony Play Group.

Hope you can join us this Spring